Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ballycastle - Greenlight Gateway - Making a Positive Difference

My old friend Danny McGill tells me that Greenlight Gateway in Ballycastle can now transform empty wine bottles into works of art and these can be converted to cash, cash that will benefit the tremendous work of Greenlight Gateway. If you can assist this or any other project please contact them at their premises on Leyland Road, Ballycastle.

Making a difference in the community through helping these young people achieve a sense of worth in recycling, organic vegetable plot, garden centre and coffee shop.

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service Main Award Committee Chair and former broadcast journalist Martyn Lewis CBE said,

“Outstanding volunteer groups across the UK all too often go without recognition for the truly amazing work they do, despite the vital part they play in helping bind our communities together. It’s a great pleasure to celebrate the efforts of Greenlight Gateway with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and help raise awareness of all they do for the benefit of others.”

It's heart-warming to be able to report that making a difference in the community can be for the benefit of others, not just for oneself.

As an aside, a Facebook friend tells me she's looking forward to a White Christmas - and when the white is finished she'll start on the red!!