Thursday, 17 December 2009

NALIL Blogger on Route 66

I've just passed another milestone - my 65th birthday!! I thought I'd try out one of my new found freedoms/privileges this morning - pensioners rates. The admission charge to one of our local attractions is adults £2, pensioners £1. So I put my £1 coin on the counter and proudly boasted that I had just become a pensioner - well, officially anyway. She reached the coin back and said, "Here's your birthday present!!". Isn't that nice?

Two days ago I got a call from Agnes, one of the local members of NALIL - see banner above. Could we meet to celebrate my special event? I got a real surprise when I arrived at her home this morning. Agnes had contacted other members of the group in secret and, when I opened the box, inside were cards from members in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as from here in North Antrim. I was gobsmacked. I'm often at risk of having my gob smacked but that's another story! Many thanks to one and all.