Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Rathlin Ferry Contract: EU, UK and DRD

The EU Commission has recently stated that it is still awaiting a UK reply to a complaint that is being processed under the EU PILOT fast-track procedure. A reply was expected within ten weeks of the complaint being received by the relevant UK authority.

An MLA informed NALIL that s/he was briefed privately by a Stormont civil servant about the Commission intervention.

A query was subsequently put to Conor Murphy, DRD Minister, on NIcrunchtalk and the following DRD answer was forwarded to NALIL by NIcrunchtalk's Joanne Stuart on June 18:

The other outstanding question was regarding the EU investigation. The department's response is:

"The Department has not been contacted by the European Commission and is not aware of any investigation being carried out by the Commission into the Rathlin Ferry Contract."

How strange. The MLA has since confirmed that the earlier private briefing came from a DRD official!!