Saturday, 20 June 2009

McKeeman Family Request


I’m going to jump out on a limb here and send out some information in hopes that by chance you might be able to forward this to a pertinent party.

I happened across your NALIL from July 26, 2007 while I was surfing for information about my relatives. Your article about the McKeemans of Antrim came up. I wondered if anyone would be interested in a distantly removed relative from Canada. My grandmother was a McKeeman, and her family came from Ballymena, to Canada possibly around 1838, and then to Greenock Twp., Bruce County, Ontario, Canada in 1869. Near as I can tell, there were three brothers perhaps – Daniel (b. 1808), Robert (b. 1810), and John (b. ? 1822 – seems to be a big gap there, so not certain how reliable my information is) who is my great-great-grandfather. They ended up in Maryborough Twp, Wellington County, West Gwillimbury Twp, Simcoe County, and Greenock Twp, Bruce County respectively.

I would love contact from anyone who might be interested in conversing about family histories. Hoping your website is still live. Please pass on my email address and thank you so much for what help you may be able to provide.

Jennifer Barna

Jennifer, can you please contact Judy Anderson