Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Acting Within The Law - EU Style

Government ministers and officials who've groaned about the demands made upon them by Freedom of Information requests are now having to fight a battle on another front.

Individuals and businesses can take their enquiries and complaints to the EU Commission where a new process is being piloted to get them answers from Member State authorities within a ten week deadline. The EU Commission is currently in communication with the NI Executive re. certain aspects of the Rathlin ferry contract.

Those enquirers and complainants who have been amazed and disappointed by the cavalier treatment of their personal data by state officials will, hopefully, be reassured by this Commission pledge:

The rules on personal data confidentiality are maintained - in contacts with national authorities, we will only divulge your identity if you have specifically authorised us to do so.

Adds Thurs, April 9

European Commission pilots fast track complaint