Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Don's Email from Melbourne, Australia

Don is a NALIL member; he has ancestral roots in North Antrim; and he wrote the following email in response to comments and support from other members:

Gee, your messages were lovely and your thoughts & actions by just responding, Elwin, Judy & Rebecca were very special, I’ve already spoken to some people who have been affected in some way or another and in sharing and talking let them know that the Networking of Caring people and their prayers and good wishes are extended to them, it’s one of the positive joys of having instant contact around our little globe.

I live in the suburban area of the City of Melbourne and thank God am situated some 2 hours drive away from the closest area of impact although my work takes me well into ALL of the area that have been devastated, without exception I’ve either driven through or worked at all of the areas in the past 6 weeks, in fact I will be driving into them again on a 4 day work trip next week [Feb 16th].

There are so, so many heartbreaking and devastating stories coming out, things that no parent or child should ever be exposed to in their life-time, my personal feeling is numbness and gob-smacked, that all of us, living in first world countries in the 21st century have to endure this, I might add however that the Aussie spirit is alive and well however. Everything that is humanly [and bureaucratically] possible is happening to help and assist all in need as far as sustenance and temporary living quarters, the logistics that have taken place are sensational however long-term emotional needs still will be a big thing.

I’m writing this email on Tues night [Feb 10] @ 2000 hrs our local time and it’s not yet over, some fires have been contained but spot fires are still a nightmare and confirmed deaths are now 183 [read, one hundred and eighty three Mums, Dads & Children]. It is so unfair.

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Again, our friends who I shared your thoughts with [and I know all of you guys in NALIL think the same] were touched and some were agog that you knew and told me to tell you all “THANKS”

Best Wishes as Always

Don in Melbourne AU

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