Saturday, 15 September 2007

Andersons of Antrim, Ireland

I am trying to locate Andersons in Antrim, Ireland, in particular, the family of Charles Anderson who emigrated in about 1788 to Canada. It is possible that he was in the USA and then went to Canada.

Charles married Ann Nelles whose father was a captain in the American Revolution. It is also, known that he travelled with a close friend or relative named David Cargill from Antrim, Ireland.

Our belief is the Cargills were from Mallendober/Ballyhemlin, just over one mile south-east of Bushmills; this is based on David Cargills will.

These Andersons could possibly be linked to the Andersons of Clogher Anderson in Billy Cemetery and perhaps the Cuppage family. The Antrim and Canadian Andersons appear to use similar first names in the 19th century.