Friday, 31 August 2007

Message from Ballymoney Ancestry

Site Updates

As you will be aware we have been making some significant changes to recently as we endeavor to continually improve the format of, and information contained on, the site. The most recent changes have required the site to be reconstructed and hosted on a new system with the result that, amongst other things, old bookmarks will no longer exist and access pathways have changed slightly.

We appreciate that the new layout and pathways may cause some interim difficulties for regular users of the site and are working to address the issues a number of you have raised with us. In the meantime we would appreciate any further help you can give us. If you do come across any errors or feature you feel could be improved please email

As one of the few free genealogy sites available we are continually striving to make our site more accessible and to improve security.

Regards and many thanks for your continued interest in and use of

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