Friday, 27 July 2007

The power of Google

The Croaghmore poem and its as yet unidentified 'maker' have aroused my curiosity. So I did a little 'googling'. The search brought up a link with names and places from North Antrim.

There was McConaghie from the Cozies, Henderson from (Croaghmore,) Co Antrim, McGugan from Ballyoglagh, McKillop from Croaghmore and some others. The researcher in the link looked as if he might be a relation of a friend of mine.

I tried the email address but it was obsolete. I next tried USA 411 and found a couple of names that looked promising. I made two phonecalls, found one person at home and left a contact email address. The reply arrived this morning. The researcher is also a relative of mine (by marriage). What a small world we now inhabit!!

PS The above photo shows Knocklayd seven miles east across the plain from Croagh. Just click on the image for a larger view.